Bo Sun

I am a previous CDT student. Now a current dealer thanks to CDT! I went to a dealer school before attending Jenny`s school. She is definitely the best trainer! I learned so much from her. She is honest and cares about her students. I highly recommend Jenny's school. You will learn from the best and get more than what you pay for. #1 Dealer School!



Jaime Sakoda

Jen is a really awesome trainer. She is determined and will take the time you need to get it done right. She really does care about her students and wants them to succeed. If you want to be the best card dealer, i wouldn't want to be taught by anyone but her. She is the real deal!



Danny Yang

I worked with Jen in the past. She is very knowledgeable. I would really recommend her as a trainer. If you would like to become dealers in a casino.



Crystal C. Tautala

Success is doing what you say you will do with clarity, focus, ease and Grace. All of which are qualities that I've seen firsthand in Jen the trainer. She executes and delivers every time she teaches. Jen is not only a teacher she is also a mentor and friend. She has been that for myself, and from her I've learned that success is in the eye of the beholder. Jen has been very successful within the casino industry and as a friend who knows her personally I have no doubt her success will continue within her new business. Believe me when I say Jennifer Faiaipa'u is the best in this industry. If you want to become one of the best at dealing as well as successful, join CDT you will not regret it!



Lina Lin

I was trained by Jen and she taught me a lot. She is definitely the best and most sincere and kind person I've met! Best trainer and you will definitely gain a lot from her! Come support her if you want to be a card dealer and she will help you fulfill your dream like how she fulfilled hers now with her own training school! So proud of you Jen



Shoua Thao

I've known Jen, the trainer, for over ten years! Not only is she an amazing person but I would highly recommend her school to anyone interested in learning how to become a casino dealer. She offers free training for one week, so you have nothing to lose. Try it out, I promise you will love it!



Trina Foilefutu

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

With Jen failing is not an option. Jen is the most, hard working woman I know. Jen has an awesome personality. She has the ability to bring out the best in people and can encourage them to do even better. You can expect to get more than 100% of hard work, effort, and dedication from Jen as your teacher. I haven't seen anyone that is as passionate about what they do like Jen is. She is truly one of a kind! Don't miss out on your chance to learn from the best!



Donnie Timoteo

Highly recommended for anyone and everyone that would like to become an excellent card dealer.



Ryan Kaz

Best school I’ve ever been to! .It’s a very fun atmosphere and our teacher works really hard in making sure she brings out the greatest in every student individually.



H. Loe in San Francisco, CA

“Jenny the Trainer, is the shiz and she means business! She is no joke about getting you ready for this industry. If you want to make money as a dealer, this is the place to be. I’ve done my research on what it costs. You are getting the best deal out there. She’s honest and upfront about everything! It’s not gonna cost you an arm and a leg, even though it’s worth it, cause I made that money back in a week. Oh, AND it will be a good time!” -



A. Arizo in San Jose, CA

“The first time I went through a casino school, I passed all the courses, but when I went to apply for jobs, I couldn’t pass the auditions. Just when I was about to give up, I found Jenny the Trainer! And boy did she set me straight. She taught me more in 1 hour than I had learned in 6 weeks of training at another school. Not only did she help me refine my dealing techniques, but she got me AUDITION ready and helped me get the job I’d wanted for a long time! I recommend Casino Dealer Training to anyone who’s looking to become a casino dealer and wants to train under the best!”



R. Young in Milpitas, CA

“ I’m 49 years old and I had my own business for many years, but when the recession hit, my business went belly up and I needed to make money fast. That’s when a friend told me that casino dealers made pretty good money. He referred me to Casino Dealer Training and it was the best decision that I ever made for myself and my family. It took me 6 weeks to learn how to become a dealer and land a job. My first week as a dealer I made over $1,000.00 and I was so excited. If you’re serious about making money and you don’t have the time, or don’t want to go back to school, you need to call Casino Dealer Training. Thank you Casino Dealer Training!”




Mei Hamada

我是這個學校的學生。Jen 是一個很專業的,有十幾年經驗的老師。她非常有耐心地一對一的教我們。您如果有興趣或正在找工作的話,可以來我們的學校看看,也可以親身體驗一下

私はこの学校の学生です。Jen は教師10年以上の経験がある專門家です。彼女は一かう一,私たちを教之,非常に忍耐だつたもし,あなたが仕事か探している場合は。あなたが興味を持っている場合は,私たちの学校を見に来ることができる。あなた自身のため見ることができます。

I am a student in this school. Jen is very professional. She has more than 10 years experience in dealer training. She is very patient, and she gives us the one on one training. If you are interested, you can come to our school to take a look, and see if you will like it.



Indira Tao


My friends are taking class in this school. They told me the classes are just amazing;they learned much, much more than what they expected. The teacher trains the students one on one, and step by step. I think I will try this school when I have time.