Casino Dealer Courses

Casino Dealer Training offers specific training for games of your choice. Casinos offer a variety of Table Games but each casino has their own unique procedures for each of these games. Learning these specific procedures gives our students the advantage over other applicants at casino auditions.

It is not required to enroll in all courses in order to gain employment in all casinos. Please contact us for more information regarding what courses are necessary to pass an audition at the casino of your choice. Call for multiple course discounts and casino employee discounts.

Table Games Dealer Course


This course offers complete training and preparation for the following games: Blackjack Shoe, Blackjack Pitch, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat and additional casino specific "Carnival Games" as required by the casino of your choice. This course is required by all casinos to audition as a Table Games Dealer "Blackjack Dealer". This course will teach you the fundamentals of cheque handling, rack management, blackjack payoffs, customer money transactions, game protection, proper card dealing techniques, customer service interaction scenarios and many other casino

specific procedures required by the casinos.

Poker Dealer Course

This course offers training in the most popular casino poker games including: Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Low, 7-Card Hi/Low and Pot-Limit Omaha Hi. Structures include: Limit, No-Limit, Spread Limit, Pot-Limit and Tournament. Students who graduate this course will posses the skills and knowledge to audition and deal in any major casino or card room. This course also trains students to recognize common player cheating scenarios and how to implement game protection techniques to combat them. Our instructor goes through casino policy and procedures and explains in depth why and how they protect not only the players at the table but also the casino and dealer.