About Us

Casino Dealer Training is dedicated to positively impacting people’s lives and preparing them for an exciting career in the gaming industry. Casino Dealer Training has provided over 500 jobs for people in the casino industry. We are highly selective on who we choose to be our students. We offer an intense training program that will help you get the job. Our affordable training program is designed to provide students with:

 Knowledge of the casino games

Proper dealing techniques and procedures 

How to pass auditions and interviews at the Casino of your choice


Once you become a student at CDT, we will guide you through the whole process; from learning all the games necessary, to starting your career as a card dealer, and passing auditions from potential employers.


We will inform you of upcoming auditions by casinos and accompany you to group auditions.  Casino Hiring Managers will visit Casino Dealer Training from time to time in search of potential employees.

Let us get you ready for an exciting and rewarding career in the Casino Industry!